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I’m Mali and I love playing all different kinds of sport and playing and hanging with my friends. My friends are like family, the protect me , take care of me and they love me. I play in the Victorian Championships and i play for keilor. I love playing basketball and playing with my friends. Check out my blog and leave a comment on one of my posts!

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  1. Hi I am Mali’s Mum Jackie. She does like basketball and is quite good at it and practices a lot. She also loves food and cooking. She makes great berry icecream, bacon and eggs and hedgehog. She has a brother Jack, most of the time she gets along with him great but sometimes she can be a little annoying. Mali and I ride our bikes together to school most days even when it is very cold. I love that her school has a blog and that they use computers so much as that is what my job is!!

    Mali’s Mum

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