100 word challenge

How could something so tiny be so brutal. The tiny little fly was buzzing around my face for what felt like hours. Something that only little fairies can hear what was making me want to kill my self. The fly was not leaving me its like I was a massive pile of rotten fruit and i was being invaded by this one fly. Did I really smell that bad? I had tried to run away many times but this one annoying fly wasn’t going to leave my sight. If only there was a way to get ride of it.




  1. That  5 men could be the difference between who is our prime minister of Australia.
  2. They have a very big power over everyone else.
  3. The vote was very close between Julia and Tony.


  1. I understand that these men could be the difference of how we live in our everyday life.
  2. I also understand that to win the election you have to have more seats in the court compared tot the other people.


  1. Who won?

B.t.n-school economics

This video was about schools wanting to introduce the topic ‘Economics’ into their curriculum. Some schools agree but others don’t. – 5/2/2013


  1. A fact I got from this video is that the education minister wanted schools to start teaching economics.
  2. Another fact I got was that lots of schools agree with enquirer and would like to introduce it into their curriculum’s.
  3. Also that some schools say that its a waist of time and don’t have the time in their curriculum’s do fit it in along with all the other subjects and say that we should be taught in High School.


  1. I understand why the minister wants to bring economic lessons into schools because we need to know what happens with our money.
  2. I also understand that schools will be introducing economic lessons all over Australia.


  1. Do any other country’s in the world study economics?


This video was about the discovering of the dwarf planet Pluto. It also was about the tiny little space craft that found it, named new horizons.


  1. It took 3,462 days to get from planet Earth to Pluto.
  2. The space craft that traveled over 4.76 billion kilo meters to get to Pluto was called ‘ New Horizons’.
  3. ‘New Horizons’ was the size of a baby grand piano.


  1. A understanding that I now have is that technology will now improve even more because people will want to know where ‘New Horizons’ is and they will strive to try and find that result out.
  2. Another understanding that I know have is how long the scientists would have been waiting for the pictures to come through of Pluto.


  1. Will ‘New Horizons’ ever find another unknown planet?


This was about a king who was hated amongst his people.

King John ruled England from 1199-1216. He was not a very good king for he would steal his peoples money and raise taxes. Some call him King John the Bad. That was ok because he wasn’t meant to rule anyway. He was the youngest son of his big royal family, his brothers kept dieing. One of his brothers Richard ruled for a good 10 years until he died. People called him Richard the Lionheart for everyone loved and respected him.

John must not have cared for his people and would have only cared about being king. I think this because of the actions he has done.I think he was just childish for he was the youngest of his family and he thought that he was better that everyone else because he was king.



Why did he choose to be a bad king?



This weeks BTN is about Citizenship and how it works not by loving Vegemite,playing footy or cricket or even wrestling a crocodile that is not how it works you need to have a certificate and this means that you can be a official member of Australia.

3 facts:

You can be born here, you can marry a citizen or even move from a different country which is a bit harder because you would have to take a test and be part of a ceremony. Australians can also be a citizen of another country it is called DUAL CITIZENSHIP.

It is important to be a citizen because then you ca have a passport to travel places, you can work for the government and defense force, vote in elections or even become a politician. It also means that you cant be forced to leave your country , but being a citizen also comes with lots of responsibility’s.

Up at Parliament House there have been discussions about changing the citizenship laws. The government want to be able to take away someones Australian citizenship because if they commit a crime of terrorism. They say this because they want us to be safe.

2 understandings:

I now understand what DUAL CITIZENSHIP means that if you are moving country’s you can be a citizen there.

I also understand that along time ago they would had tests to see if you could move country and be a citizen.

1 question:

why cant some people still not be a citizen of Australia? is it because of people breaking the rules/laws?



Term 2 Science Project

Term 2 Science Project

Science project term 2

To conclude our science unit on adaptation students will prepare an information display with supporting resources on a desert animal or plant.

Teams will:
• describe the desert environment to which the species is adapted
• describe the structural features and behaviour of the species
• make claims about which are key adaptations that help the species survive.

Present your research on a display board.

  • All in your own words. The language should be impersonal and contain three tier words.
  • Use a font size of at least 16 points for the text on your display board, so that it is easy to read from a few feet away. It’s OK to use slightly smaller fonts for captions on picture and tables
  • The title should be big and easily read from across the room. Choose one that accurately describes your work, but also grabs peoples’ attention.
  • It should contain a least one graph.
  • A picture speaks a thousand words! Use photos or draw diagrams to present non-numerical data, to propose models that explain your claims. As well as creating an annotated drawing to (similar to the one on ‘Camel features’) you’ll be expected to construct a 3D model. This will need to highlight the features and adaptations that are central to your species’s survival in the Australian desert.
  • A Bibliography. At least three sources one being a book.
  • A proposal for an experiment to investigate if your claimed structural feature of the animal/plant is an adaptation for surviving in a desert environment. Deciding on what you and your team think you can achieve in the given time, you can either:
  1. propose an investigation
  2. plan the experiment
  3. conduct your experiment and observe, record and share the results in your final display.

A good-quality presentation is:
• well-organised information
• clear, concise communication
• use of evidence and reasoning to support claims
• quality/creative visual aids.

Examples of oral presentations by scientists on adaptations can be found at:

Species to investigate:
• The Australian Mulga (Acacia aneura)
• Old Man Saltbush (Atriplex nummularia)
• The Greater Bilby (Macrotis lagotis)
• Spencer’s Burrowing Frog (Opisthodon spenceri, formerly Limnodynastes spenceri)
• The Thorny Devil (Moloch horridus)
• Budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus)
• The Boab tree (Adansonia gregorii)
• Spinifex grass, for example, Triodia wiseana
• The Spinifex Hopping Mouse (Notomys alexis)
• Shield shrimps (Triops australiensis)
• Termites, for example, Nasutitermes triodiae*


  • Own ideas for experiments.
  • Plan it.
  • Carry it out/conduct it.
  • Record it.
  • All of this on my poster.

Find data on your animal and draw (digitally or not) a graph to record data.

Term 1 Reflection

In Term 1 we did projects on Australian immigration in the 1900’s.  In groups we did a project and presented it to our class. We also had to come up with a range of questions and answers. In my group I had Fidelya and myself. We did our project on Vietnamese immigration in the 1970′ and 80’s. We made flashcards, a Prezi and also made some suitable costumes to go with our presentation as well. Here are some fascinating facts I learnt from my project:

Three Facts I found interesting or Surprising:

  1. A fact I found very interesting was that 100,000 immigrants from Vietnam applied to migrate to Australia after the Vietnam war.  Only 2,000 of them got into Australia by boat legally.  Lots of them could not have enough money to migrate legally.  The records are poor but it is thought that about 75,000 Vietnamese immigrants came into Australia illegally.
  2. Another fact I found interesting was that 2/3 of the immigrants were women. This was because there husbands had most likely died in the war and they didn’t want to live where there was dead bodies and there homes had been destroyed.
  3. Another fact is that when they did come to Australia they had to come in small fishing boats. A fishing boat could take 5 families of up to 8 people. It would’ve taken them months to get to Australia and they had to go through the toughest conditions. So if they ran out of fresh water they couldn’t just go to the supermarket and get some!

Two Understandings I Now Have:

  1. An understanding I now have would be all the harsh conditions they had to go though to get here and how small the boat was and how many people they could fit on that tiny boat. Adding to that I also understand what the boats would have looked like in the 1980’s.
  2. Another understanding that I have is what the children would have gone through. Imagine yourself on a boat for 6 months with no fresh food, no toilet and not much fresh air to live on.

One Wondering I still have is:

  1. How long would a Vietnamese immigrant have to wait now to to immigrate to Australia and do they all still want to come and live here?

What where the most important things I have learnt:

  1. The most important thing I will remember is how many immigrants came to Australia and how many of them got into Australia.  I also will remember how badly they treated all of the refugees. Also I will remember how lucky I am to live in a country where people like where they live and are happy about their country.

How did I learn it:

  1. I learnt it from various books and lots of government websites. We also had two excursions to the Melbourne Museum and the Immigration Museum. I got a lots of my facts from these visits.

What will I do with this information

  1. With this information I will use it in the future to learn about many more Cultures and Countrys and understand the way they live.



100 word challenge #34

One day Annaliese went for a walk through the forest which people called enchanted.

She always wondered why they called it enchanted. The people said there is a black beast in there, but Annaliese had no fear. Annaliese walked through the forest with her favourite red shirt on. Annaliese said it brings her good luck. Whilst she was walking she came across a pen. She knew that there was some type of bird in it, so she knocked on the door. A huge scary black chicken came out. She had just realised she was standing on it’s seeds.


100 Word Challenge week 31

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named snow white. One day she was strolling through the forest and she came upon seven short little men. She was very surprised when she saw them and as soon as the little men saw her they invited her in for tea. Snow white went inside and started talking to the little men and they warned her about a evil laddie that lives in the forest. After about an hour she left and when she became up to this laddie. She said “take a bite of this apple”. so she did. She ate it and jumped for joy!!!!!