100 word challenge


My dream job would be to be a basketball star and get paid millions of dollars per game. Th reason I would like to do this job is because I can do a job that I enjoy and get paid lots of money for it. Another reason I would do this job is because I would get to travel all around the world and meet new people. I also would do it because I am a good at basketball so I would know how to play so I don’t need any training.

100 word challenge

I have all this money to spend but I have no idea what to do with it all. I can’t drive a car and I don’t have a credit card so. Maybe I could make a bank account and put my money in there until I do have a car or a credit card! Once I get to the age when I am allowed a credit card I will have so much money in my bank because I have put all my savings in the bank from previous years I will become rich! Maybe,  I could become a child millionaire.

100 word challenge

I am always in trouble but no one wants to listen to me and what has happened. I wonder will anyone ever listen to me and what I have to say? It seems like the people that are less fortunate always lead me the right way and are interested in what I have to say. But when I go to the more fortunate and richer people they think that I don’t exist. Will that always be the case? People who have no home and no money always look out for the people surrounding them. Are they the only ones?

100 word challenge

1 million dollar jackpot tonight on the tattslotto! Doesn’t really matter anyways because there is about one in ten million chances of me winning it. Anyways mays well buy a ticket for old time sakes. Ok, its 7:00pm and they are about to read out the results. “23” ooh I have that one! “4” ooh I have that one as well! As the numbers kept being read out I was getting more and more. I HAVE DONE IT! I have won one million dollars! What could I buy, what could I do, where could I go.

100 word challenge

I wish I had known you when my husband died. Because when I hear your face you make me all fuzzy and warm inside. When he passed I had nothing. But with you it seems like I am in a whole different world. You make me feel the way that my husband did. Like I could talk to you all day and share each other’s stories. Before my life wasn’t worth living anymore. I just wish I had known you five years ago because that’s when he passed. Until this day, until I met you, I was nothing.

100 word chalenge

I my 44 years of living on this earth I have never taken a risk. Taking risks can equal to death. And, I think to myself is that really worth it. I see people jump off buildings and break their legs. But they just keep doing it. But sometimes I see people succeed. Then, I think to myself, why cant I do that? Then I think to myself they make it look so easy and if I try what if I don’t succeed? Its just sometimes not worth the risk.


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100 word challenge-new horizions

All these nine years of my spectacular adventure of many different planet. But that only happens once in a blue moon. I have been counting down my planets and I have a feeling that there is still one more to go. I know it is out here somewhere, wait what is that! Is it, yes it is it’s the last planet on my list! Wait I don’t want to leave! Where am I now? No planets left to look forward too. Just a big black forest of nothing.

100 word challenge-Pluto

100 Word Challenge (Lonely Pluto)

Just another lonely day in this humongous solar system with nothing to do and no one to talk to. I wonder why no one has ever come out here and why no one even want to come out here? ZOOOOOOMMMMM! What was that? Um, Hello. Is anyone out here? Please be my friend…. Please don’t leave I have been out here for millions of years by myself stranded, please if you can here come back. All I need is someone to talk to. Anyone? That was the most exciting thing I’ve seen since the farewell of ‘Scotty’.




I was drowning in a pond when I found a mysterious pair of gumboots. The gumboots were just lying there and I didn’t know what to think. As I got closer there were someone’s legs on them and I almost fainted. I was getting closer and closer I was so scared. I thought it was the lockness monster I got closer and closer. I touched them and someone had been playing a prank on me it was sticks with gumboots on top. I felt like a fool well I was a fool. From now on I always think of that lake.