100 word challenge

Every day of my holiday, I walked past a terrific ice-cream stall which sold ninety-seven different flavours. Their famous special was all ninety-seven flavours in one magnificent, gigantic, chocolate cone.

Longingly, on the very last day of my holiday, I decided to get one.

As I walked up to the stall, the gorgeous smell of ice-cream filled the salty air.

My mouth watered as I ordered the special with quadruple delicious chocolate ice-cream.

I took a lick and all the flavours dissolved in my mouth …but it made my tongue tingle… my tongue was stuck to the ice-cream permanently… Help!


This video was about a little boy who started a industry of cardboard box making. It all started of in one tiny shed then it spread all across the globe.


  1. You can make anything with a cardboard box you just have to think outside the box.
  2. You don’t need electrical appliances to have a good time just be creative.
  3. By making one tiny project you can make it famous in a matter of seconds.


  1. A understanding I now have is how fast news and ideas can spread around the world.
  2. Another understanding i have is just by doing one unusual thing it can make billions of people happy.


  1. Is card board making the next big thing?

100 word challenge #37

Spoon after spoon after spoon of baked beans were shovelled into his mouth. He had orange lipstick smeared around his lips, the kind that could not be bought at any make-up store. He knew what was coming, it always happened when he ate this beautiful delicacy. He opened another tin and tipped it into the pot, but he could not get any further in the cooking process as a giant gust of gas ripped out of his buttocks.  The ferocious wind blew around the room leaving a rotten smell hanging in the air.  He put his plate in the dishwasher.