100 word challenge


My dream job would be to be a basketball star and get paid millions of dollars per game. Th reason I would like to do this job is because I can do a job that I enjoy and get paid lots of money for it. Another reason I would do this job is because I would get to travel all around the world and meet new people. I also would do it because I am a good at basketball so I would know how to play so I don’t need any training.

B.T.N-Bronwyn Bishop and Public Money


  1. Bronwyn Bishop took a helicopter from Melbourne to Geelong when she could have taken a car.
  2. People were upset and angry about how she had spent her money on the helicopter.
  3. Bronwyn Bishop spent over $5000 dollars just for a little trip.


  1. I now understand that Bronwyn Bishop may have her job taken away from her after this incident.
  2. I also understand that she dose not have to pay for all her car drives and all of her food because other people pay money and they use it for her.


  1. Did Bronwyn Bishop actually get sacked?


Trickling water

Running down rocks,

Drip, drip, drip

Water soaked in my socks.


Memorizing views

Looking off the bridge;

The taste of water

Like my cold fridge.


I have a fear

Of deadly heights,

But when I’m here

I don’t get a fright.