B.t.n-school economics

This video was about schools wanting to introduce the topic ‘Economics’ into their curriculum. Some schools agree but others don’t. – 5/2/2013


  1. A fact I got from this video is that the education minister wanted schools to start teaching economics.
  2. Another fact I got was that lots of schools agree with enquirer and would like to introduce it into their curriculum’s.
  3. Also that some schools say that its a waist of time and don’t have the time in their curriculum’s do fit it in along with all the other subjects and say that we should be taught in High School.


  1. I understand why the minister wants to bring economic lessons into schools because we need to know what happens with our money.
  2. I also understand that schools will be introducing economic lessons all over Australia.


  1. Do any other country’s in the world study economics?

100 word chalenge

I my 44 years of living on this earth I have never taken a risk. Taking risks can equal to death. And, I think to myself is that really worth it. I see people jump off buildings and break their legs. But they just keep doing it. But sometimes I see people succeed. Then, I think to myself, why cant I do that? Then I think to myself they make it look so easy and if I try what if I don’t succeed? Its just sometimes not worth the risk.


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This video was about the discovering of the dwarf planet Pluto. It also was about the tiny little space craft that found it, named new horizons.


  1. It took 3,462 days to get from planet Earth to Pluto.
  2. The space craft that traveled over 4.76 billion kilo meters to get to Pluto was called ‘ New Horizons’.
  3. ‘New Horizons’ was the size of a baby grand piano.


  1. A understanding that I now have is that technology will now improve even more because people will want to know where ‘New Horizons’ is and they will strive to try and find that result out.
  2. Another understanding that I know have is how long the scientists would have been waiting for the pictures to come through of Pluto.


  1. Will ‘New Horizons’ ever find another unknown planet?

100 word challenge-new horizions

All these nine years of my spectacular adventure of many different planet. But that only happens once in a blue moon. I have been counting down my planets and I have a feeling that there is still one more to go. I know it is out here somewhere, wait what is that! Is it, yes it is it’s the last planet on my list! Wait I don’t want to leave! Where am I now? No planets left to look forward too. Just a big black forest of nothing.

100 word challenge-Pluto

100 Word Challenge (Lonely Pluto)

Just another lonely day in this humongous solar system with nothing to do and no one to talk to. I wonder why no one has ever come out here and why no one even want to come out here? ZOOOOOOMMMMM! What was that? Um, Hello. Is anyone out here? Please be my friend…. Please don’t leave I have been out here for millions of years by myself stranded, please if you can here come back. All I need is someone to talk to. Anyone? That was the most exciting thing I’ve seen since the farewell of ‘Scotty’.


This video was about girls footy and the girls wanting to start a girls football league. The reason they would like to start girls footy is because they want to see more girls going outside and excersing and getting healthy.


  1. A girls footy league will be starting in South Australia for all girls who would like to play AFL.
  2. Girls will be starting a under 14’s league and a under 16’s team.
  3. Girls shouldn’t have to play in the boys league.


  1. I now understand that girls and boys should be able to play what sport they like without having to fight for fairness.
  2. I also understand that girls shouldn’t have to play with boys just because they want to play a particular sport.


  1. Will Australian girls football get really popular and spread around Australia?