This BTN story was about Aboriginal people get together and try to make the world a better place and not judge other people by their skin  colour. This is called “Reconciliation Week”

About 71% of Australians think people are prejudice against Aboriginal people, but only 13% reckon there’s trust between indigenous and non indigenous Australians. It shouldn’t matter what skin colour you are or what religion or what background you are , you should always respect and care for others.Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander people have been here way longer then all of us and they still haven’t been treated the same as other Aussies. Its’s sad to say they weren’t aloud to go to the sames schools, shops and hospitals as non-aboriginals and they weren’t even counted in the Australian population. It shouldn’t come down to that Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander people don’t get the same rights and opportunities as the non-aboriginal people do. Why do people judge people for who they truly are?

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This video was about a little boy who started a industry of cardboard box making. It all started of in one tiny shed then it spread all across the globe.


  1. You can make anything with a cardboard box you just have to think outside the box.
  2. You don’t need electrical appliances to have a good time just be creative.
  3. By making one tiny project you can make it famous in a matter of seconds.


  1. A understanding I now have is how fast news and ideas can spread around the world.
  2. Another understanding i have is just by doing one unusual thing it can make billions of people happy.


  1. Is card board making the next big thing?

Term 1 Reflection

In Term 1 we did projects on Australian immigration in the 1900’s.  In groups we did a project and presented it to our class. We also had to come up with a range of questions and answers. In my group I had Fidelya and myself. We did our project on Vietnamese immigration in the 1970′ and 80’s. We made flashcards, a Prezi and also made some suitable costumes to go with our presentation as well. Here are some fascinating facts I learnt from my project:

Three Facts I found interesting or Surprising:

  1. A fact I found very interesting was that 100,000 immigrants from Vietnam applied to migrate to Australia after the Vietnam war.  Only 2,000 of them got into Australia by boat legally.  Lots of them could not have enough money to migrate legally.  The records are poor but it is thought that about 75,000 Vietnamese immigrants came into Australia illegally.
  2. Another fact I found interesting was that 2/3 of the immigrants were women. This was because there husbands had most likely died in the war and they didn’t want to live where there was dead bodies and there homes had been destroyed.
  3. Another fact is that when they did come to Australia they had to come in small fishing boats. A fishing boat could take 5 families of up to 8 people. It would’ve taken them months to get to Australia and they had to go through the toughest conditions. So if they ran out of fresh water they couldn’t just go to the supermarket and get some!

Two Understandings I Now Have:

  1. An understanding I now have would be all the harsh conditions they had to go though to get here and how small the boat was and how many people they could fit on that tiny boat. Adding to that I also understand what the boats would have looked like in the 1980’s.
  2. Another understanding that I have is what the children would have gone through. Imagine yourself on a boat for 6 months with no fresh food, no toilet and not much fresh air to live on.

One Wondering I still have is:

  1. How long would a Vietnamese immigrant have to wait now to to immigrate to Australia and do they all still want to come and live here?

What where the most important things I have learnt:

  1. The most important thing I will remember is how many immigrants came to Australia and how many of them got into Australia.  I also will remember how badly they treated all of the refugees. Also I will remember how lucky I am to live in a country where people like where they live and are happy about their country.

How did I learn it:

  1. I learnt it from various books and lots of government websites. We also had two excursions to the Melbourne Museum and the Immigration Museum. I got a lots of my facts from these visits.

What will I do with this information

  1. With this information I will use it in the future to learn about many more Cultures and Countrys and understand the way they live.



100 word challenge #37

Spoon after spoon after spoon of baked beans were shovelled into his mouth. He had orange lipstick smeared around his lips, the kind that could not be bought at any make-up store. He knew what was coming, it always happened when he ate this beautiful delicacy. He opened another tin and tipped it into the pot, but he could not get any further in the cooking process as a giant gust of gas ripped out of his buttocks.  The ferocious wind blew around the room leaving a rotten smell hanging in the air.  He put his plate in the dishwasher.


In this BTN story, they talked about the Nepal earthquake and how devastating it was. The Earthquake was 7.9 magnitude rating. This earthquake left behind broken hearts, broken family’s as thousands of people passed away in the braking of their home and buildings and an avalanche from Mt Everest. This earthquake left many sick, homeless and needing medical.


I you go far underneath the surface of the earth you will find a big, red, hot molten rock. A molten rock is a very hard version of lava. Some places get many earthquakes because on top of the two tectonic plates that could possibly collide at any time. In 2012 Australia had a little earthquake which didn’t make that much damage, but China gets really bad earthquakes because they are on top of two tectonic plates and that can cause them millions of dollars to repair.

100 word challenge #34

One day Annaliese went for a walk through the forest which people called enchanted.

She always wondered why they called it enchanted. The people said there is a black beast in there, but Annaliese had no fear. Annaliese walked through the forest with her favourite red shirt on. Annaliese said it brings her good luck. Whilst she was walking she came across a pen. She knew that there was some type of bird in it, so she knocked on the door. A huge scary black chicken came out. She had just realised she was standing on it’s seeds.



This video was about Guide Dogs and how they are trained. Also about where they can go and what they can do.


  1. Guide dogs are able to go anywhere at anytime, for example; a shopping center or even a plane!
  2. Guide dogs are trained for 18 months before they can be given back to the Royal Guide Dogs Association.
  3. Guide Dogs can not be left alone for more than 2 hours.


  1. I now understand you have to have a police check before you can get a guide dog.
  2. I also understand that if you see a guide dog that has a jacket on it means that your not allowed to pat it because its training.


  1. What do they do with the dogs that don’t pass the test?

100 Word Challenge week 31

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named snow white. One day she was strolling through the forest and she came upon seven short little men. She was very surprised when she saw them and as soon as the little men saw her they invited her in for tea. Snow white went inside and started talking to the little men and they warned her about a evil laddie that lives in the forest. After about an hour she left and when she became up to this laddie. She said “take a bite of this apple”. so she did. She ate it and jumped for joy!!!!!