100 word challenge

…  Drum   …     Cornflake   …   Exciting  …   Lion …    Danced …

MUUUMMMM, I have my drum concert tonight and were performing the lion knig!!! I need a good breakfast to start my exciting day! How about cornflakes? mmmmmmm yes please. Today i need and exciting breakfast for an exciting day. How was school? It was so cool today everyone got up and they danced and laughed and had the best time and at the end the principal came up to us and he said that it was the best performance he has ever seen.

ESmart Digital license


E Smart is a program that you use for cyber safety information. E smart is used all around the world and it is a very useful website for children. On E smart you read a fact sheet and then do a test. To pass the test you have to 80%. There are 8 tests to pass all on cyber saftey.


This module was “digital devices”. Some of the facts they talked about were how you would never keep your bank details on your computer because if you loose your phone or left it somewhere some one could hack into your bank account and take all your money. Another fact is that you make sure you dont put all your passwords on your phones.

An understanding that I have on digital devices is that online you never know what you are going to click on so you have to be really carefull what you click on. Another understanding that I have is that whenever you are online you should never give your details to a stranger online because if they get your details they can hack into all of your accounts. 

Do you have to turn on your computer to get the virus?


This module was “protecting privacy” was about protecting your passwords and details. One fact is that online you should never give anyone you phone number, the reason is because they can ring you of hack into your account. Another fact is that you should never give anyone any of your details to anyone because they can hack into all of your accounts. A few things that they can do with your information is take money out of your bank without yourself knowing that they are taking money. Another reason you should never give your details to someone online is because your putting yourself in danger. They could simply get your address and break into your house or take your belongings.

A understanding that I have is that by giving any of your details to anyone online you are putting yourself at risk because you are giving all your details out and you don’t know who they are going too. Another understanding is you have to think before you post something online. By posting a photo of someone else online can make them upset and can get you in trouble. Would you like it is someone posted a photo of you sleeping on instagram? If you do post something embarrassing of someone on the internet they can screenshot it and post it again or even put it on something bigger like Google images.

If you are on private account can people hack into your accounts?

Module 3:

This module is “Searching and Researching” was about what you should believe on the internet. A fact is that you should never believe scams because they can get viruses onto your computer and they can take money of your credit cards. Another fact is that once you have clicked on a virus it automatically sends onto your computer. Another fact is that you can never trust whats on the internet. Wikipedia is a helpful website but most of the time they are giving you false information. Say if you were doing a project you should never copy and paste it onto you computer because one, there might be a virus and two, all the information that your getting could be incorrect.

A understanding that I now have is that when you are on the internet you cant believe everything. Another understanding is that when using a website to purchase something you have to look for sings that its a real website, like if they have deals on and if they have sale days on and they tell you their address.

B.T.N~skateborading prodigy

This video was about a twelve year old that travels around the world competing in skateboarding in the under 18’s contests.


  1. He is a national champion.
  2. He doesn’t go to to school.
  3. He competes against people that are twice as his age and height.


  1. I now understand that you don’t have to be 18 or 17 to compete in under 18’s.
  2. Skate boarding is a national sport and you travel all around the world to compete.


  1.  How much practice does he do?

100 WC week #29 term 2

… X marks the spot… on the treasure hunt. OK, lets see if any of us can find the x to find the treasure. If we find any treasure bring back our home base ordered the captain. We all know the dangerous things that can be out there in the bush so we all have to be very aware of all of our surroundings. Tommy and Butter go out into the bush and look for that treasure and don’t even think about coming back to home base empty handed. If you do you better watch out….

B.T.N~ Lacrosse


  1. Lacrosse is a very big contact sport.
  2. Lacrosse is played with men and women but different rules apply to different genders.
  3. When you play when you are little you play ‘softcrosse’ because it is much less contact and is played with a softer ball.


  1. I now understand that a lacrosse field is a contact sport.
  2. I also understand that lacrosse is played at the Olympics and Australia won a gold medal at the Olympics in 2000.


  1. When was lacrosse first invented?

100 word challenge Term 2 Week 28


As we walked along the beach we came across a lovely statue of a man and women. They looked very happy and relaxed. I went over to the sign that was siting next to them. It read,”This couple and their poor dog were taken away from there family when they were young and have come back to see if they can see there parents drifting towards them on a boat”. Although they looked happy I couldn’t have imagined what it would’ve been like for them to never see their parents again.