Vietnam Immigration Reflection~18/3/2015

In today’s lesson we looked at three main periods of imagration to Australia.

I learnt that most of the refugees that came from Vietnam came by boat because that is all they had access to. I also learnt that in 1976 the first refugees arrived in Darwin. Finally one more thing that I learnt was that in 1981 the last refugees from Vietnam arrived.

A understanding that I got from today’s lesson was that, the reason that the last refugees stopped coming in 1981 was because they would have transferred to planes to convince more people to come over to Australia because it was safer. Another understanding is that in 1976 the people from Vietnam wanted to leave their country because they wanted to escape.

My question is would the people that lived in Vietnam that were pore still travel by boat or would the Vietnam prime minister not let them travel by boat because of health issues?


100 WC

…as they turned the corner…

All of the children were in shock to find 1000’s of convicts all packed up in a tiny space. The tall man behind screamed “get in and don make a sound”. Ruby and I were terrified. All these old men and women looked like thirty had been in here for 30 or 40 years. We found a space to sit down. A little girl can up to us and said ” Hi my names Arabella and I have been trapped up in this filthy place for nearly 4 years”. Ruby and I had been taking care of Arabella for years and then suddenly a man took us and said we are taking you to Australia.

100 Word Challenge~week 25 term 1


As I sat there and stared at this horse that was carefully laying there on the green grass. The horses eyes slowly woke up for its morning feed. Pa came though the door with his pipe hanging out of his mouth. I asked Pa if I could take Rosie for a swim  he said sure. I took her and I hoped on her back and we swam though the river. Darkness was falling so we decided to head back. But when i got back Pa was on the ground not breathing and suffering. Rosie put her head down.

B.T.N~Twin school

This video was about twins at one school and how they have to share all there stuff and all there toys. They also explained how they sometimes don’t like it when people call them the wrong name. Also they wish they could have there own birthday.

3 Facts:

  1. Twins don’t actually think a like
  2. Twins are born and raised they same way. So for example; they dress the same and do everything together.
  3. Twins don’t have to look the same to be twins.

2 Understandings:

  1. I now understand that twins are born on the same day.
  2. That twins are more likely to not be identical then to be identical.

1 Question:

  1. Would twins think the same or is that a mith.


This video was about Liz Cambage and how she is going to become a international super star. It also talks about how she got into basketball and the way she got to the top.


  1. Liz Cambage only started playing basketball when she was 10 years old.
  2. When she was a teenager she started playing in the Australian Team.
  3. Liz Cambage is 203 cm tall.


  1. I now understand how hard it is to get to that level of basketball and how much training you have to do.
  2. I now understand that Liz Cambage is probably going to be an international super star.


  1. Will she play at the Olympics?

100 WC week 24 term 1

… then when I looked out of the plane window…  
I see, wait what it is its JUDE! Shes been captured by the evil Antolee. The Antolee was a very unlikly creature because it could only remember details not facts. So I started to try and communicate with Jude to see why she was flying to america with the evil antolee. I had to do what I had to do and take off the window and grab her by the arm and pull her back into the plane.  I smashed the window and pulled her in but just as I grabbed her arm I went out the window too…..