S.R.C Speech

Persuasive text S.R.C

I strongly believe that I will be the best candidate for 5/6 A’s S.R.C representative for 2015.

Firstly, I would love to tell you about my fantastic organization skills. I can organize groups of all ages and it doesn’t matter of the age group big or small. I can prove that from our swimming sports day when I had to get everyone organised so they could get to their race on time. Although it was very difficult I still got everyone to their races on time.

Secondly, I am a great problem solver. I can solve problems in the yard or in the classroom. For example in the class one day we were on Melina’s blog and there were 18 students on her blog roll, but there were 22 students in her classroom. So that means 4 students were missing. Jude called out everyone’s name but there was only 3 people standing. So for about ten minutes everyone was trying to work out who the missing person was. Then it came to me, it was Melina’s blog so she wouldn’t be on her own blog roll. I told Jude and she said “Mali you’re a great problem solver ‘’.

Lastly I am a very confident speaker. I can speak in front of small groups or large groups. I remember when I was in Antony’s class and we all wrote a persuasive text and I read it to the class. After he said that I read my persuasive text so well he asked me do speak it in front of the entire grade 3/4s.

In conclusion I think I would be the best S.R.C member because I have great organization skills, I am a great problem solver and I am a confident speaker. So that’s why I think I would be the best candidate for 5/6 A.


100 WC Week 23 Term 1

One day I was walking though the park and saw this grotty old seat siting there. I decided top go sit down. As I walk over to the chair an old man passes me and says ” that brings back memory’s. Then he just walked off.

I sat on this old fashioned chair and wondered about those words the old man had said. Then I wondered, he was old the chair was old so they must of had some type of connection. I look around for a sign on the chair and I  found one and it said,” for those who fought”.




B.T.N~Bark Canoe

Bark Canoe

This video was about the Bark Canoe. The Bark Canoe was used hundreds of years before white settlement. Aboriginal people created bark Canoes on only what they had to use thousands of years ago.

3 Facts

  1. The aboriginal people made the canoes out of the bark on the trees but none of the wood.
  2. After English settlement not many canoes were made.
  3. Aboriginal people had to search for the right tree to use or else it may not work.

2 Understandings

  1. I now understand how hard it was for aboriginals to make transportation because they didn’t have as much equipment.
  2. I also understand that white people ruined the aboriginals spirit because when they came not as many canoes were made.

1 Question

  1. Could any aboriginal people still remember/know how to make the canoe with no equipment?

BTN-Cursive Handwriting

Cursive hand writing has been around for hundreds of years but now Finland is trying to get rid or cursive hand writing.

3 Recalls:

  1. I now know that in Finland they are getting rid of handwriting lessons.
  2. I also know that they are planning to get rid of hand writing in Australia but many people are debating about it.
  3. I now know that handwriting is still very important but more and more people are beginning to use technology.

2 Understandings:

  1. I understand that Australia is planning to try get rid of cursive hand writing. But more people trying to keep handwriting.
  2. I also understand that Finland is getting rid of cursive hand writing because they think that typing is a more helpful skill when you are older.

1 Question:

  1. Will Australia continue with getting rid of handwriting or not.

100 Word challenge Term 1

…”but it said “sweet” on the wrapper”… as I stared down at the wrapper of my delicious Cherry Ripe. I sit and stare down at this wonderful piece of art.

Then I wonder why they would make such an extravagant piece of chocolate in such a small proportion. While I am going on and on about this beautiful cherry ripe I do not realise that it is 30 degrees outside and that my beautiful piece of chocolate is melting.

Without and distractions I place they beautiful and loving piece of chocolate in my mouth. It melts on my tongue and then suddenly I taste a hint of…

100 WC week #21 Term 1

… the silence was deafening…

I walked down the hall way, I could hear the noise getting closer and closer. I looked up at the dawning, dark and dreading door. As I reached out to open out the door….SCCCCCCRRRRRREEEEEECCCCHHHHHHH! I Scream and shout but  have no idea where this noise is coming from. As I slowly turn around to go back in the door there was a man. He was about to pull out something from his little man bag and then.. PUNCH, POW, BOOM. Thanks to my karate skills I defeat the evil ninga.  I go back to the door and just as I open the door…




About me

Dear Jude


My name is Mali and I am looking forward to being in your class this year. I have many hobbies including basketball, surfing, netball. I have been at the school since prep and have had lots of great experiences like athletics, swimming, naplan, and camps. I am hoping that I can share lots of my experiences with my class. I am very excited to be a part of judes dudes this year. 

My basketball is one of the most important things in my life since I was 6. I play in two teams 4 times a week. My mum and dad both used to play for victoria so that is where my love for basketball is from. Basketball involves alot of teamwork and I could bring those skills into the classroom.


I hope you enjoy having me in your classroom thus year.

From Mali