2015 Teachers Letter!

2015 Teachers Letter


I am really looking forward to 2015 because there’s lots of leadership roles and opportunities for all the year 6’s. I am also really looking forward to being a role model for the rest of our school.

The first reason I am really looking forward to next year is because we are the role models of the school and we have to show the rest of the school what is the right thing to do. Being a role model is important to me because all of the littler kids are looking up to you and whatever you do they will follow, so you have to make sure you are showing the values at all time.

The second reason I am looking forward to 2015 is because of all the opportunities you get. We get to have more opportunities to represent our school. Next year we will also be getting ready to take another step into our future. High School. All of us are trying out for our new schools. Everyone very excited but we will be working harder, than we ever have before.

The third thing I am really looking forward to next year is camp. The reason I am looking forward to camp is because it is a new camp and a whole new place to explore. By the sounds of this camp it sounds very fun and active. I am also looking forward to making a few more friends on camp.

Another thing I wold like to achieve is to make some new friends coming into grade 5. I would like to make some new friends because it is a good experience for me and them to make new friends so I could have more friends and I can always have someone to go to if I am feeling sad.

A good reason n you would want to have me in your class next year is because I am very caring an di will take care of anyone in need.  So that is what I am looking forward to next year, 2015.

From Mali


Camp Recount!

I couldn’t believe it when the gigantic insect crawled up Ruby’s leg and git flicked off onto the wall. Everyone started screaming and yelling and panicking. Ruby jumped out of bed like a fly. Until Liz came in.

“Alright girls what is all this screaming in here” Shouted Liz. Liz saw the bug on the wall and she thought it was pretty big. Then out of nowhere Liz pulled out her lethal weapon. Her shoe!! She took the biggest run up to kill the insect and then BANG! All of the bugs insides squirt everywhere all over the wall. She got a cloth and wiped all the insides off the wall and rinsed them all down the sink.

After everyone started to calm liz came in and told us to try and get to sleep. Well I don’t think that was possible because ruby was still horrified and was jumping around the room scratching her legs, Maya and I were freaking out because we thought that there was going to be another one in the room. This went on for about an hour.

At about 2:30am we all got very tired and fell asleep to the sound of bugs at night. All very petrified from every night onwards we shook out our sleeping bags before we went to bed.

By Mali

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P.M.I chart

plus minus interesting
  • Zero carbon
  • The process can scrub out sulphur that might have otherwise been released
  • No fuel required (no mining or transportation)
  • Not subject to the same fluctuations as solar or wind
  • Smallest land footprint of any major power source
  • Virtually limitless supply
  • Inherently simple and reliable
  • Can provide base load or peak power
  • Already cost competitive in some areas
  • Could be built underground
  • Some level of geothermal energy available most places
  • New technologies show promise to utilize lower temperatures


  • Destroys habitats and areas were life is key and futile
  • Prime sites are very location-specific
  • Prime sites are often far from population centres
  • Losses due to long distance transmission of electricity
  • Water usage
  • Sulfur dioxide and silica emissions
  • High construction costs
  • Drilling into heated rock is very difficult
  • Minimum temperature of 350F+  generally required
  • Care must be taken to manage heat and not overuse it


  • Generated and stored in the Earth. Geothermal energy is the energy that determines the temperature of matter.
  • Its Renewable
  • Its convenient
  • Its reliable
  • It’s a cleaner power plant
  • It has lots of uses
  • GHP ‘s a money in the bank
  • It’s got a bright future
  • Hydrated but not hydraulic
  • Its reliable
  • It has an impact on local improvement
  • A cleaner form of energy