Spelling Term 4 Week 7

Group 2










Activity One:

Define each word using a dictionary. Show whether it is a verb, noun etc.

Environment: The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates~noun

Government: The group of people with the authority to govern a country or state; a particular ministry in office~noun

Polluting: Contaminate (water, the air, etc.) with harmful or poisonous substances~verb

Decreasing: Make or become smaller or fewer in size, amount, intensity, or degree~verb

By: Indicating the means of achieving something~preposition

Buy: Obtain in exchange for payment~verb

Bye: The transfer of a competitor directly to the next round of a competition in the absence of an assigned opponent~noun

Consists: Be composed or made up of~verb

Temperature: The degree or intensity of heat present in a substance or object, especially as expressed according to a comparative scale and shown by a thermometer or perceived by touch~noun

Celsius: Of or denoting a scale of temperature on which water freezes at 0° and boils at 100° under standard conditions~adjective


100 WC

He was shocked to find…

A hairy, big, fat monkey. The monkey was giving him the evil eye. BANG! The monkey jumps, kicks and screams for the man to let go of him. The Fearless monkey reaches out courageously and pops his eye ball out. The man didn’t worry after all because he always wanted to be a boring, sloppy pirate. As the monkey climbed up the helicopter with no fear  when he got to the top the fat, sloppy pirate chopped off his tail. The monkey didn’t mind in the end because he always wanted to become a bear.

By Flossy and Mali

Maths Mate Term 4 Week 7

Question: The digit sum for 95 is 9  + 5, or 14. How many two-digit numbers have a digit sum of 9?

Clarification: To find as many digit sums as you can for the numeral 9.

Prediction: I Predict i will have to use guess check and improve.


  1. Think of sums that add up to nine.
  2. Remember that you can reverse the number the other way round to get more ways.
  3. In the end you should end up with 8 ways.
  4. 18 or 81 or 27 or 72 or 36 or 63 or 45 or 54.

Spelling Term 4 week 6











Activity One:

Define 5 words using a dictionary. Show whether it is a verb, noun etc. 

Weapon: A thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage~Noun.

Penguin: A large flightless seabird of the southern hemisphere, with black upper parts and white underparts and wings developed into flippers for swimming under water~Noun.

Condition: The state of something with regard to its appearance, quality, or working order~ Noun.

Country: A nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory~ Noun.

Territory: An area of land under the jurisdiction of a ruler or state~Noun.

Activity Two:

For each word in your list that can be made a plural, show how the spelling changes, and the rule used to change that word.

E.g Puppy changes to Puppies (rule: drop the y and add ies)

Territory~Territories.  Drop “Y” add “ies”

Country~Countries. Drop the “Y” add “ies”

Condition~Conditions. add “s”.

Weapon~Weapons. Add “s”

Station~Station. Add “s”

Expedition~ Expeditions. Add “s”.

Activity Three:

Following on from our lesson the other week, put the following sound twins (homophones) into a correct sentence:

  • There, their, they’re

  • To, too, two

  • Fare, fair

  • Where, wear, we’re

  • Practice, practise

They’re having alot of fun with their new toys, see look over there.

I went to the park and counted to two.Can you do that too?

That’s not fare I don’t get to go to the fair.

We’re having alot of fun where we grew up. I used to wear this jacket all he time.

You have to practice to make sure you practise.

Maths Mate Term 4 Week 6

Question: Find the two consecutive numbers that have digit sums of 27 and 1.

Clarification: To find numbers that can go into 27 and 1

Prediction: I predict I will have to use guess check and improve.


1.First you have to find out what times tables you can work into 27 and 1.

2. Once you have found the times tables that can work into 27 and 1 you can think of how may times they go into the times table.

3. 3 times tables for 27. Goes in 9 times

4.1 times tables for 1. Goes in once.

5. So if you think of a consecutive number for them it is 999 for 27 and 1000 for 1.

Mates mate Term 4 Week 5

Question: Move 2 matches to leave four spuares.

Prediction: I predict I will have to use the provlem solving solution of guess check and improve.

Clarifaction: To remove two matches from the squares that are made to only have 4 spares left.


1. Look at all the squares you have abd cross out the sqaures the are in the middle because you can’t take them out.

2. Go to the outside abs take two matchsticks away and it should leave you with 4 whole matchsticks.

2.once you have removed the matchsticks make surs there are still 4 whole squares left.