Maths Mate Term 3 Week 8

Question: An archeoligist found some acient numbers written as follows.

Prediction: I will have to Guess, check and imrove.

Clarifaction: You have to find out the numbers for each symbol.


  1. Look at the symbols on the problems and try and figure out a few numbers.
  2. Once you think you have figured out a few numbers see if they are correct.
  3. If your numbers are all correct then you add the up to see if they are correct.
  4. Then go to the final suma and use your information to find the answer.



Doughnut Drake

Doughnut Drake


One dazzling day Drake the Doughnut set out to go to his first day of school. He was very excited as he trotted down the footpath, so excited he fell over and lost some sprinkles. As he arrived at the gates of Macquarie Dictionary high, he was ecstatic.


His first day at school was a blast, but he realised there was something different about him to all the other students. He finally figured out what was wrong, he was not a human being he was a big bulgy doughnut.


When everybody got used to him he started making friends and he had a girlfriend. One day he started to realise that he had bite marks on him and was furious. He was thinking very hard who it could be and suddenly it had come to him. His girlfriend, Sally. What drake didn’t know was that Sally was actually eating him all the time so he was getting smaller and smaller. He would look for her night and day but never had success.


Two and a half years later he found her in a house standing still with a knife. She ran as fast as she could at drake to try and get the last bites of doughnut drake but died as she was unsuccessful. She ran into a wall with her knife and never came back. From that day Doughnut Drake grew back all his doughnut goodness and lived happily and healthily ever after.


The End

Maths Mate term 3 week 7

Question:Complete the addition table shown.

Prediction: I predict I will have to use Guess check and imrove

Clarifaction: To put numbers in the empty boxes to show that the numbers in the middle equally add up to the numbers on the side of the square.


  1. Look at the numbers on the side of the square and start adding them up
  2. Once you have figgured out about half of your numbers then check they are all right.
  3. If they are all right and  make sense to every other number then finish the table
  4. Then if it is all correct, you have finished your table.