100 WC week #34

…but where could I go if I got lost in the forest, where could I go for help. The mother said ”you wont get lost”. Off Sarah set into her journey of the forest. She saw grizzly bears, slow snakes but never saw her mother again. After two days she had realised she had got lost. She looked if she could see anything familiar but nothing.  She screamed and yelled for help but nobody screamed back. She was franticly trying to find something, anything to lead her back home but nothing. She screamed one more time but it wasn’t for help.


Maths Mate Term 2 Week 5

Question: what is weight of seven bricks if three and a half bricks weigh seven kilograms?

Prediction: I predict I will have to use make a sum or multiplication problem.

Clarification: If three and a half bricks weigh seven kilos how much does seven bricks weigh.


  1. Think of the 3 and a half bricks weighing 7 kilos
  2. Then if you actually add 3 and a half to another 3 and a half it is seven so you have got your seven bricks now you need to figure out how many kilos.
  3. So your answer was seven so all you need to do with that is double it. Your answer is 14.

Air Balloon!

Once upon a time Caroline and Rob were on a spectacular vacation. Every morning for 3 weeks they woke up to a beautiful view of Paris. This day was a very special day because it was Caroline and Robs 20th anniversary. They came to Paris for there anniversary because that is where they first met.

The sun was shinning and Rob and Caroline were thinking what to do for there anniversary. They looked up and saw a brilliant thing to do! They both screamed in excitement “Hot Air Balloon”! They rushed to there bedroom and got changed as quick as they could, they got in the car and off they went. While they were in the car Rob was saying what if they crashed, but Caroline said stop sulking and lets go!

At the park they got on there hot air balloon and off they went up into they sky of Paris. They were so happy looking over the Eiffel tower and other amazing scenery’s. They were so happy that they were forgetting to put the fire on so they were going down and down slowly.

Rob realizes  how low they are and he try’s to pull the rope to get fire but nothing comes out they are heading faster and faster to the ground. One last final ” I love you”…

Rob wakes up with doctors surrounding him and cords connected to him. All he worry’s about is his wife, Caroline. He yells at the nurses to tell him were she is, finally the answer come out….heaven. He is shattered he cry’s and begs for her to come back. He says to himself ”Its all my fault”. Every day he goes and puts flowers on her grave and talks to her. That is what you call true love.

The End.

100 WC Week #33

 Week#33 Send my friend to school

….Write a letter telling world leaders why Lucy needs to go to school…

Lucy is very unfortunate because she doesn’t get to have a life that most other children do, an education. School is happiness, that’s were you make all of your friends and learn. Just because people are pore doesn’t mean they cant do what people are rich can do. Education should be free. Just because you are injured or disabled to do something doesn’t mean you cant learn in a normal classroom. Everyone should have a chance to do what they want and a lovely life. Lucy should be able to go to school whatever she does or act like she is herself and you cant change that.

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 4

Question: How many numbers between 20 and 31 are divisible by 3?

Prediction: I predict I will have to use past tense knowledge to work this problem out.

Clarification: To see how many times you can fit the 3 times tables into 20 and 31.


  1. If you know your 3 times tables all you have to do to start off with is to find the closest number to 30, but it has to above 30.
  2. Start from that number and keep on doing your 3 times tables from there until your get to the 3 times table before 31.
  3. You should find that the number of times that you can put the number 3 into the numbers 20 and 31 is 5.

100 WC Week 32

some of the words sounded like a foreign language when I was in the chinese resturant. The staff in the chinese returant were looking at me and wispering so I had a suscpition that they were talking about me. After a while I heard the word “shoeped” and that made me think of the word stupid.

The waiters had given us a description of the menu.  I had no idea what she had said and made a face and looked very confused.   When she took our orders I tried to order fried rice but a pig’s trotter came and I looked disgusted.  This is why I thought thats why they were talking about me.

Maths Mate term 2 week 3

Question: How many numbers between 17 and 61 are divisible by 8.

Prediction: I think I will have to use past tense knowledge to work this problem out.

Clarifaction: How many 8’s can you get inbetween the numbers 17 and 61


  1. You have to start at the number 17 and start adding on 8 and writing down how many times you are counting up to.
  2. While you are counting up make sure not to go past the number 61.
  3. You should get the number 5 as your answer written on your page.

100WC week#31

Crime scence investagation 1 of the dead bee. We are working on this project to try and figure out how this bee has died and landedon this table. This bee has been poisened and is 62 years old and was a male. We are sending all our notes and photoe graphs to the police to investigate more on this bee. The bee was trying to kill a person by singing them but did die because the bee stung the person very hard. So after all the bee died because of natural cuases and did try to sting someone and did try to sing the person to hard. edit 1 Week #31

Spelling Term 2 week 3

Group 2/3







Activity 1:

Write your own definitions of the 5 list words I have given you. Use an example in each definition.

Experiment means doing a test to see what happens.

Viscosity is the density of a liquid.

Hydrogen is a type of gas.

Helium is the lightest type of gas.

Composition is what something is made of.

Activity 2:

Write a paragraph that explains what you know about the four states of matter. Try to use as many of your list words as possible. Underline your list words.

The four states of matter include Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma. In all of these states there  are ATOMS. HYDROGEN and HELIUM are types of gases. The COMPOSITION of a liquid can be described as viscous. Inside a solid the ATOMS are tightly packed. CHEMICALS are in all the states of matter.

Maths Mate term 2 Sheet#2

Question:How many numbers between 1 and 60 are divisible by 9.

Prediction: I predict I will have to use past tense knowledge to work this problem out.

Clarification: How many 9’s can you get into 60


  1. Start counting by 9’s up as high as you can, while you are doing this keep the numbers  that you are counting on your fingers
  2. Get up to the numbers times by nine before 60 and look at your fingers to see how much you have counted up buy.
  3. Look at the amount on your fingers and it should be 6.