Letter Home from Camp

Dear Mum,

I miss all the way to the moon and back!  Today we went to see gold being melted and it looked like yellow lava. We saw horses and carriages and, the horses made you feel like tiny tiny ants. Sovereign hill makes you feel like you are there when the gold rush was on. The sound and light show makes you feel like you are there that very night. I started to fall asleep and as soon as the bombs went off I was wide awake.  The sound and light sow was all about the story of The Eureka stockade. The fire on The Eureka Hotel was blazing, and then suddenly stopped. The hill glowed with light as The Eureka Stockade ended. On Friday we got to buy lollies and the raspberry drops tasted like haven in your mouth. We went on the horse and cart and the ladies had to get on first. We did school and it was really hard to write with ink. We got on the bus to come home and everyone was extremely tired.

From Mali McLeod

Everyone at Soverign Hill