Basketball Finals

Tonight I played in my basketball semi final and we won!!!!!!! The team we played (Melbourne Tigers) have been undefeated all season and we won by 10 points. I got 4 points and lots of steals and rebounds.

Because we won i get to go to my school disco. If I lost tonight i would not be able to go to the disco!

So now I get to go to the disco AND play in my basketball grand final!!!!:):):):)



Tournaments of Minds

On the 18th of August all of the Tournaments of Mind team went to La Trobe University. My team was called Multiple Minds, in our group we had Charlotte, Brigitte, Mia, Thomas, Jordan, Atticus, and myself.

We all felt nervous but exited everyone just wanted to get up on stage and do the act. There was 4 activity’s you could choose from we chose Language Literature. In Language Literature you had to get some characters out of books, we had Katness from the Hunger games and she was a spy. We also had Pearl Barley from Pearl Barley and Charley Parsley.

Leading up to this day we did after school meetings and practice. Every lunchtime we practiced and made props for our act. We also had to make our own costumes. We did a dance which was originally going to be at the start of the play but after a few days we didn’t want to do it. At about 2 days before our performance we got told our Performance was t00 short. So the next day everyone came to my house and we made a dance to fit in at the end of the act.

The day came and we did pretty well we got a few laughs and really good comments after the performance all the parents said we did really well and no one forgot their lines and after the play we all were more confident and said” lets do it again!!!!”.


By Mali